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i am you
I am you, are me
And when we get together that makes three
Scenes of benumbed ventriloquy
I am, you are me.

The road is long, the tide is strong
Have you ever wondered where do we belong
Somewhere between the TV and show
I am you, you are me.
So. So.

With coughs and splutters no more patience
Where’s home?
Muscle twang, reflex action
At home.
Spat wide wild grin we’re thrown back home.
Is home twenty six frames of broken song?

Covered eyes in soil, heart swimming sticky oil
Dirt speaks of past entwined. Hell God’s so very kind
For the marriage of Invisible Jim and his invisiblex whim
What Almighty lips control, in daily we will take our stroll.

I am you and you are me
And when we get together that makes three
We’re rooted in deep, deep ground, there’s still so much to be found
Kicking the inside out, smashing it up and tearing a hole –
Have a ball.

One size fits all.
© 2007 andrew plummer
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