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snack family - fetter the same
You should’ve sent a poet
To glorify every dream
Enroben all your thought
Cloak and bank, daily screams

You could’ve sent an angel
To suffer all your needs
Watch you stoke your anger
Benefit. Back.  Bleed.

When it came to choose
And I wrote you every seed
Shrinking away from the fire
You enrolled me

Bones are burning all the same
Cloth tears all the same
Stone is thrown all the same
Bone burns.
Fetter the same

They used to send jesus
To trample naked in the blaze
Buying up raw desire
Shelling out perfect blame

Rolling out now is Reason
A crusader all the same
A sterile coffer lover.
Backslide. Backslide.

Clear. Standing. Wanting.
Balance. Left. Stay.
You could’ve sent a soldier here
To deliver your fate

But when we started burning
With responsibility
You should’ve sent a poet
But you sent me.

Bones are burnt all the same
Cloth tears all the same
Stones are thrown all the same.
Bones are burning.
Fetter the same.
© 2007 andrew plummer and tom greenhalgh

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