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land of lather leather
Dieu donnez nous La Paix.
Dans notre Enfer
Donnex nous La Paix.
Avec nos semmelles de cuir,
Dieu accordez nous La Paix.
Dieu, donnez nous La Paix.

In this land of lather leather,
The harshest voice comes from
Those who stick together -
Shifted though not revealed.
It's a matter of relegation,
Didn’t you know?
Confused heads spin down
A slippery juice plate
To a tankard of bare hagfish dreams.

And see seam splitting and the peeling of hide,
Compounded soot tears and the peeling inside.
It's a fashion of abrasion,
Oh such a clean operation.
Good bye. Bye, bye.
Bye. Bye, bye.

Throughout the land of lather leather,
Seldom shock solitude,
Shows on people's faces, waning,
Sifted by it's cog wheel.
Kiosk's coin the fear and break wash.
Conical flask tanks: recharge, muck out and smut up,
On under growth of gauzlin web stuck stick.

Come see seam splitting and peeling of hide
And some outstanding soot tears and peeling inside.
A robe fashioned from abrasion.
Hold still boy, it's a quick operation.
Good bye. Bye, bye.
Bye. Bye, bye.
© 2007 andrew plummer
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