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pokie eye poke ya video

snack family: poke eye poke ya (2014)
music video
visuals ©2014 tenentnet
music ©2014 snack family

trick me snack family

snack family: trick me (2013)
music video
visuals ©2013 ray kane
music ©2013 snack family originally by kelis

one yard bard video

world sanguine report: one yard bard (2010)
music video
visuals ©2010 gavin sodo and harry shotton
music ©2009 andrew plummer


sound works

four selected sound works 1998 - 2000
1  violent utterances of silence (1998)
2  unfasten entrust breathe (1999)
3  hyde park upon sea (1999)
4  redbacked dream (2000)

download high quality (320kbps) mp3s of selected sound works (50mb)



pokie eye ep

snack family: poke eye (ltdnse6 2014)
ltd edn cd and download ep release

snack family belly ep cover

snack family: belly (ltdnse5 2014)
ltd edn cd and download ep release

rhythm sticks album cover

rhythm sticks: the hen's tooth (ltdnse004 2013)
cd album
plummer music director

clocca album cover

fringe magnetic: clocca (loop1021 2013)
cd album
plummer lyrics and vocal performance

snack family lupine kiss download

snack family: lupine kiss (2013)
single release digital download

king krill album cover

old man diode with rick holland: the king krill (ww records 2013)
digital download album
limited edition vinyl
plummer vocal performance

snack family

snack family: never trust a skinny chef (ltdnse003 2012)
digital download

bilbao album cover

bilbao syndrome: bilbao syndrome I - VI (bvor12105 2012)
180g vinyl limited edition
cd album


fringe magnetic: twistic (loop1012 2011)
cd album

plummer lyrics and vocal performances

fringe magnetic cd

fringe magnetic: empty spaces (loop1011 2010)
cd album

plummer vocal performances

egg3 album cover

egg 3: butcher red (ccapknirk86 2009)
cd album
plummer vocal performance

© jing wong good night deer

naked with horses and andrew plummer: good night deer (2008)
1 prologue
2 born free
3 thunderer the sun
4 pearls in sand
5 animal sidewalk
6 deer song

naked with horses personnel:
luke durance - guitar, percussion, mpc
patrick furness - bass, percussion, theremin
james hayward - drums
joe hurcombe - guitar, keys, percussion
vic rossi - elec. guitar, percussion

with andrew plummer - vocals, clarinet, shaker

download good quality (256kbps) mp3s of good night deer (26.1 meg) 

sarandon completists usa cd

sarandon: the completisist library (hhbtm083 2007)
us cd album
plummer remixes and horn arrangements/performances

sarandon completist library

sarandon: the completisist library (wrathcd40 2006)
cd album
plummer horn arrangements/performances

sarandon completists 12

sarandon: the completisist library (wrath40lp 2006)
12" album
plummer horn arrangements/performances 

sarandon june bride

sarandon: the june bride (wrath38 2006)
7" mini album
plummer horn arrangements/performances

sarandon feminist third

sarandon: the feminist third (wrath32 2005)
7" mini album
plummer horn arrangements/performances

© 2007 andrew plummer


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