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good night deer pt iv - animal side walk
Like a bus full of children mewling
He's large and noisy. No -
He's nimble like a hoofed feline
Not willing to step on sticky bloody floor.

Persued by wolves up
The deep and wet forest track.
Shot out of his bark clad station
With legs stamping fury piston time.

Into the clear.
They're whipping up Scarecrow.
Into frenzied fright.
Cast high, frenzied flight.

Underhoof sticks crack such quick weight.
Awakened leaves cry in surprise:
"Just let us die, lie then rot here -
with pebbles dashed, Devil's snout and lice!"

Jobsworth trees mark the fallen,
With webbing vines their hands are tied.
It's a cul de sac of crosses calling;
Centurian thistles will pierce His side.

A hiding deer is not a safe deer dear -
A hiding deer is not safe.

Each eye peeks in separate directions
A dizzying montage for the brain to scan.
One eye stalks Cat, the other seeks Mouse fleeing!
An impossible sight for man.

Each stomach contorts and writhes
For reasons for the Self to hide
In food and love and rest and shelter.
"Silly boy, moaning skyward will never turn the tide."
© 2008 andrew plummer & patrick furness
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