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good night deer pt ii - thunderer the sun
Which one bends it - the hammer or the nail?
Which one will win it - the surgeon or the mole?
Tell me which one will feel it - the whale or the sea?
And then tell me which one loses it - the sting or the bee?

When a curse is apon you
And you yourself the curse -
A ghost's in the mirror
Will you fight for your worth?

A coming of age to love the enemy.
Dress him in one's own robes.
Wade naked in the water, for
On the riverbank a new skin grows.

Scar line clouds will cross the sky.
The stars, dried up tears from a burning eye,
That fell deep into the water,
Charred and sealed the new skin grew.

The idiot grin of this junkie
Is the spiritless cast of his woe and need.
Snapshot prizes that are in the pool,
with rat hands climbing out
are black and blue!!

"Mama! They lied to us!
Mama! They live in us!
Being worked for hide so familiar that
There's space in face
Inside face in face!!"

When a curse is apon you
And you yourself the curse -
Only ghosts in the mirror,
Will you fight for your worth?

When a curse is apon you
and you have no worth -
Will you turn from the mirror
or dance and dance and dance and dance? -

Thunderer the sun
Up inside so warm -
The sun
In face in face in face in face...
© 2008 andrew plummer
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