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 "last up was the quite incredible bilbao syndrome, who with their quite brilliant white jeans/white polo-neck/mirrored raybans-look appear to be a crew of futuristic anarchic surgeons, who probably tear through the universe cruising for alien organs to harvest. instead of that the main band stand impassively at the back playing very difficult metal while singer andrew plummer, with the rubbery physicality of jim carrey on acid, made noises like tom waits playing john hurt in the memorable scene from 'alien'. it was very cool. and gave me nightmares." (live review de-composing jul 09)

 "slayer and napalm death are hardly familiar names to most jazz audiences, but their progenies may well become so. bilbao syndrome, ever the entertainers, entered dressed head to toe in florescent white jump suites supplemented by reflector aviators. the electronic effects were heavy and intense. bussey, sutton and bourne powered forth with vigorous bass lines, domineering metal beats and arkestra inspired expressionism. electric guitarist, chris sharkey built the harmonic tension with devious rock/metal artistry that brought a vociferously supportive section of the audience to their feet. plummer excelled as death-jazz vocalist extraordinaire, displaying a formidable ferocity to glorious effect, with snarls, growls and guttural shrieks." (vortex live review dec 2008)

"bilbao syndrome are one of the most ambitiously heavy things to come out of the north metal scene in a long time." (kelly sinner, grind magazine 2008)

"gorgeously heavy riffs with brutal speed and dexterity." (charlotte hines, the nine club 2008)

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