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12 2015

in this ever quickening world we live in - and with the advent of web 3000 - this site has not been kept up to date. all things have been going swimmingly since the last entry below, however. more snack family releases, more press, a load of gigs, tours, various appearances etc etc etc. so it has been decided that until the next world sanguine report album is released and a whole new website created (2016), this site will no longer be kept up to date but will stay up... hopefully prodding you to places on the interweb where you can access plummer's music and info. so please get yourself over to snack family/world sanguine report/andrew plummer facebook / twitter / songkick / bandcamp / flickr. it is there where you'll find gig dates and news of new releases etc. do come back here time to time, a new site will be on it's way with updated songs, music, pics, vids etc etc etc and world sanguine report's skeleton blush will be released at some point in 2016.


05 2014

the big news this spring is the release of snack family's debut ep belly. already receiving good press along with exclusive web hosts from the likes of the quietus, the monitors, glasswerk… go to press section to read more.

snack family belly is on general release digitally from may 19th - however it is also being released as a limited edition cd with awesome artwork by the genius that is drew millward. to accompany the release snack family have also got a bunch of t-shirts for sale. click here to listen and buy cd, dl and/or merch!

snack family are also very excited to announce a handful and a bit of tour dates in the uk - well actually in england, but you get the picture. go to live appearances for the specifics.

01 2014

happy new year! apologies for the lack of posts - this is not due to lack of activity! the best place to keep up to date with things plummer are via facebook pages: world sanguine report here and snack family here.

autumn 2013 saw rhythm sticks perform a few high profile gigs and official launch their debut album. rory simmons' fringe magnetic new album clocca is now available as cd and digital download. it is the the final album for this ensemble. fringe will be celebrating clocca's release and the past two albums with a final gig at the vortex in march. go to other stuff for info.

gigs for snack family and world sanguine report in. go to live appearances for more information.

a few tunes from snack family live at the vortex 2013 are now up on youtube - follow the snack family youtube channel here.

some exciting news regarding world sanguine report's skeleton blush WILL be made public soon. we promise.

snack family are releasing their official debut EP late may - 'belly' recorded by ben lamdin, mixed by bonney and mastered by grammy winning master guru dude brian lucey has some incredible artwork by the brilliant drew millward. it will be released as limited edition cd plus full digital download distribution. the snacks will embark on a uk tour with a number of dates already in. get in touch asap if you wanna put snack family on. 

08 2013

we are very excited to announce that snack family's lupine kiss has been released and is now available as a FREE download. got to other stuff and follow the link. mixed by snack family and alex bonney, mastered by guru brian lucey (who's credentials are outstanding: black keys, dr john, david lynch and many many more) lupine kiss and the rest of the snack family promo sounds properly huge. listen to it. download it. share it. review it on twitter (@snack_family) and receive a bonus free track download. yarp.

snack family have also just launched their debut video. filmed in rehearsal in london by snack family and in dublin by film maker ray kane - this is a serious re working of the kelis' classic: trick me. thanks very much to ray for his vision and incredible work. ray kane and plummer worked on the story for war's skeleton blush together; it's excellent making more work together. long may it continue. click here to watch video.

plummer and tommy g have developed and delivered a youth ensemble at park view, north london for the past five years. early this spring/summer a kickstarter project was started. working in partnership with good move! music; rhythm sticks set about to raise money to record an album of original material. let's just say they smashed it. recorded, mixed, mastered AND manufactured within a month - rhythm sticks' debut album: the hen's tooth will be officially launched in november 2013. in an age of indentikit bland conformity here is a record of ecstatic groove and eccentric improvisation created by 11-16 year olds under the direction of plummer and tommy g. so good is the music, rhythm sticks have already secured three professional gigs this autumn, including their album launch at the barbican freestage as part of london jazz festival 2013. go here to listen and for more info: http://rhythmsticks.org

both rhythm sticks and snack family have new gigs in. go to live appearances for more info.

04 2013

happy new year one and all. following a spate of burglaries we haven't been able to update the website etc but now getting back to it.

february saw snack family enter the recording studio. snack family recorded 12 tracks at the fishmarket with benedic lamdin engineering. seriously heavy, outrageously groovy. we're now in the process of mixing with alex bonney. we hope a few tracks will be finished shortly, at which point we'll be sending round to interested parties. it's awesome sounding. we are all very excited indeed.

12 tracks i hear you cry! yes, we recorded some choice covers alongside all of our material. a couple of these covers will be making their live debut later on in april, when snack family play at the purple turtle once again. we look forward to seeing you there. go to live appearances for more information.

plummer has also been writing words and recording for rory simmon's new fringe magnetic album. the new fringe material is more electronic with processing etc. dark dark sounding with all the hallmarks of rory's excellent writing. more news to follow shortly.

march also saw the release of old man diode & rick holland's album: the king krill which has a tune plummer collaborated and recorded on. the digital versions have been release and are receiving critical acclaim. a limited edition of vinyl is set for release later in april. there will be a release party at the macbeth, london april 25th which will see the album performed in it's entirety with all the various collaborators present. come and be counted. it's gonna be fun fun fun.

11 2012

ah autumn is here and has been most excellent musically thus far! had some great things snack family and world sanguine report:

world sanguine report have played a couple great shows - as part of bourne's world tour of london and then at the london jazz festival - bethnal green working men's club - sharing the bill with the brilliant golden age of steam and nostalgia 77. totally sold out, twenty mins after doors opening and that's only cause we stopped selling online tickets 3 hours before the doors! apologies to all the people who we had to turn away. we look forward to putting on a similar event in the future. those who did miss out:

world sanguine report will be playing nov 30th as part of friday tonic at the QEH foyer, south bank centre. very very excited about this gig - will be fantastic to be back at the SBC. we have some treats some old, some new, for you. the gig is free. it takes place after work. so be there.

snack family had an amazing time playing to a large audience at huddersfield university and then leading a workshop. many thanks all who attended. we really did enjoy ourselves.

snack family will be supporting the brilliant GALLON DRUNK thurs 22nd nov. as gallon drunk are an influence, we are totally chuffed to be sharing a stage with them. at the macbeth, london. snack family have some CHEAP TICKETS - not only do you get in nearly half price, but you get FREE DOWNLOAD. click here.

snack family have made studio bookings. we are heading in to the studio mid-feb '13. belly is growing.

news on world sanguine report's skeleton blush to follow later this year.

09 2012

july's album launch for bilbao syndrome went swimmingly well. many thanks to all the people who came down and to all those who have purchased the limited edition vinyl. it has been selling well. those who want to get their own piece of bilbao history should go here and purchase.  

some great gigs for world sanguine report have come in. wsr are very excited to be playing as part of matthew bourne's world tour of london - playing 14th october at the shacklewell arms, promoted by eat your own ears; this is a free event but please follow the links and order your tickets! in addition to this wsr are uber excited about playing at the world's largest single-run arts centre: southbank centre - playing in the front room at the qeh as part of friday tonic nov 30th. and this one is free too! go the live appearance page, check out the details and get yourselves down. wsr are cooking.

snack family have been writing new tunes for our autumn shows. we may slip one into the set at the loop festival on sat 29th sept. this is free also! but for sure they will make an appearance at gigs later this year. snacks have recently been asked to play at huddersfield university, oct 25th. excited to be playing to a new audience. hope to see you there.

so there it is. awesome gigs coming up with awesome music and musicians made all the more awesome as many are free to get in. see y'all.

news on skeleton blush recording and release to follow later this autumn.

07 2012

the launch show for bilbao syndrome's debut album i-vi is taking place july 19 at the vortex club london. the mighty hot head show and collider will be in support. this promises to be a belter. see you there.

it is with great excitement and joy to announce that world sanguine report's album skeleton blush is recorded, mixed and mastered. thank you beautiful wsr, to all the incredible people who have contributed and to all those who have supported the project financially and/or in kind. creative agencies or interested parties should get in touch. here we go. wsr-a-go-go

the new line-up world sanguine report previewed the skeleton blush material at the vortex, london at the end of june, to great success! thank you all for coming. wsr all the more beautiful and brutal. as master bourne put it 'it's akin to having ones eyeballs boiled in liquid earth'.

a handful more shows just in for world sanguine report and snack family. more in the pipeline. news to follow.

frauke requardt's episode was again performed twice at the arnolfini, bristol in may. it was wonderful to be back at the arnolfini and totally amazing to be performing 'episode' once again. hopefully one day there will be more.

04 2012

we are very excited to announce that world sanguine report's album has entered the final stages. all recording and editing done. it's now time to get a studio tan with mix master and wsr trumpeter alex bonney. things are moving along nicely and all will be revealed, we hope, fairly soon.

new gigs in, including the new line up world sanguine report w/glockenspiel and the long awaited album launch for bilbao syndrome. go to live appearances for more info.

more to follow shortly.

01 2012

happy new year one and all! apologies for the lack of updates over autumn 11 but behind the scenes things have been very, very busy....here's a round up of autumn 11 and jan 12 news:

bilbao syndrome's debut release is at the manufacturers with a release date imminent. babel label will be releasing this album on gatefold vinyl with accompanying cd. the artwork is beautiful. the cutting of the plate was skillfully executed by the master lewis at stardelta mastering . news of it's whereabouts will be posted very soon. all there is left to do is. wait. listen.

world sanguine report. there have been a couple of line-up changes in wsr. streamlining the band as well as presenting a thicker, more industrial and downright heavier sound - wsr is excited to announce ruth goller on elec. bass, plummer on elec. guitar and matt bourne expanding his palette for wsr on rhodes, piano and a plethora of rare and beautiful synths (including the memory moog). for full line-up click here.

recording of the new album 'skeleton blush' is now 75% complete. it's hoped all will be done by easter and then it's mix time! plummer's best work to date - this is very exciting. a doomy album of ballads, wonky dance tunes and pumpjack sludge. wsr will be launching the new band early summer and aim to have the new album available towards the end of the year followed by a uk tour.

frauke requardt's 'episode' has been picked to be part of british dance edition 2012. bde is the UK dance industry's leading showcase event, presenting the best of british dance to promoters and producers from the UK and across the globe. for info please click here. 'episode' will also be showing at the place, london once more in feb 12. for those who didn't get to see it last year - do come! for more info click here.

2012 will also see snack family record debut album and guest on fringe magnetic's third album.

autumn 11 plummer has been in the studio with jo wills recording vocals on an old man diode tune featuring words by rick holland. old man diode's idm is hip and very groovy. another tune that will feature on the upcoming album has already been released and can be heard/viewed by clicking here.

08 2011

much to report on as we head into autumn...

yes ladies and gentlemen the mighty SNACK FAMILY have recorded their demo 'never trust a skinny chef'. greasy. lowdown. hip as. for now, it is up on bandcamp for all and sundry to listen and download. click here to be taken to the SNACK FAMILY. thanks to bonney for the engineering. take a listen peeps, let us know what you think. spread the word. let's get busy. any interested creative folks, email plummer to request an elec. press kit with full downloads, info and images. yes. do. words and lyrics for 'never trust a skinny chef' are now up in words section. enjoy.

frauke requardt's 'episode' international tour dates have been announced. go to live appearances for more information. plummer is indeed excited to get back out there with this incredible work of art. for those that missed it and want a sneeky peek to have an inkling of what to expect. click here for the trailer.

plummer joined fringe magnetic at this years brecon jazz festival. was an ace gig. and it is with that in mind that we are pleased to announce that plummer will also be joining fringe magnetic at this year's london jazz festival. fringe will be performing on sat 19th nov at kings place, london in the lovely hall one. go to live appearances for more info.

bilbao syndrome. many folks have been in touch asking about this. the release has been delayed. contracts signed and it is with the manufactures so it is definitely on it's way. hold tight and news will follow when there is any.

plummer is chuffed to see that the entire 'songs from a lost piano' leeds gig has been put up onto youtube. many thanks to besbrode pianos, leeds for uploading. click here to go to their channel. the gig is in 12 parts. very proud to of been part of this work. wish there were more.

finally, recording date is in for plummer and tommy g to enter the studio. after much delay for various reasons, the recording of plummer's new work will start in sept 2011. owing to prior dates etc we expect this new record to take a few months to record. then there will be lots of post-production and various exciting things, before it will be ready to be heard. news of which will follow.

06 2011

frauke requardt's work: episode, was a resounding success. plummer had much fun playing baritone guitar, clarinet and singing in this intense dance work. very much looking forward to the autumn european tour. episode received a 4 star review in the guardian. click here to read.

we're very excited to announce that plummer is playing in a new band: SNACK FAMILY: (james allsopp: reeds and vocals, tom greenhalgh: drums, andrew plummer: baritone guitar and vocals). formed by plummer and allsopp, snack family have stomping grooves as greasy as a thousand kebab wrappers covered with lurching tobacco cured vocals and saxophone with all the subtlety of a pneumatic drill. they have their first outting on friday june 24th. go to appearances for more info. join them on facebook here.


04 2011

plummer has recently been asked as vocalist and multi-instrumentalist to collaborate with choreographer frauke requardt, on her new work 'episode' which premieres at the place london, in june and tours autumn 2011.  with 'episode', requardt brings together three exceptional dancers and a team of collaborators that are amongt the most risk-taking currently working in theatre. episode is an unusual and darkly atmospheric experience that revels in the highs and lows of humanity. please see live appearances for more information.

contamination: gavin sodo and harry shotton have produced an original, terrifying and brilliant music video for world sanguine report's one yard bard. please click here to be taken to the youtube version, or click here for the higher quality version hosted by mr plummer.

a series of photos taken by alex bonney and mark sayer of wsr's third one rises uk tour 2009, has finally been put up for all to see. please click here to check out the gallery at the bottom of the page.

02 2011

the most excellent loop collective have asked world sanguine report to perform at their 3rd annual festival. this the third edition of its' yearly festival, is at an exciting new london venue with a packed out program of new projects, special guests and friends. it has been a wee while since wsr last stepped out so we are all go about this one. get yourselves down. get involved.

the fringe magnetic 'twistic' album launch was a wonderful evening of wonderful music and hang. many thanks to all whom came down. the album is due for release later this month. click here for review of the album launch. a bunch of fringe magnetic gigs have just been put in including; loop, oxford, hamberg and oxford jazz festivals.

bilbao syndrome is gearing itself up for a couple of gigs this month, supporting kayo dot. playing in london and birmingham. as bilbao's axe swinger is in norway this month, recording with the geordie approach, bussey's brother craig is taking the guitar chair for these gigs. big vibes and big sound, these dates are gonna be ace.

the most lovely and brilliant ray kane has finished writing the story for plummer's current/next wsr project/album - the pregnant night. ray has cast vast images and dreams in synergy with plummer's music.  now we set sail, looking for partners to aid it's manifestation. we will find. the pregnant night is a thing of brilliant and frightening beauty. interested parties should contact plummer. news will follow.

great reviews for world sanguine report's third one rises continue to come in. another one came through this month. check out press quotes for the full review.

due to record label complications, the bilbao syndrome album will not be coming out this month. rest assured it will later this year. news of this to follow.

10 2010

plummer is now a married man and back to it in london.

composition for a new record is well underway. recording dates yet to be decided but an autumn 2011 release is the aim.

some new dates have just been put in guesting with fringe magnetic and touring with bilbao syndrome.

'twistic', fringe magnetic's second album is due to be released in feb 2011. it features plummer on a couple of original tracks. great music, great sounding record. more news to follow.

bilbao syndrome will tour the uk feb 2011 in support of their debut album bilbao syndrome I -VI. throughout the tour bilbao syndrome will be opening for the most excellent kayo dot. venues to be announced very shortly.

07 2010

it is with great joy and excitement that we are able to announce that bilbao syndrome's first album: bilbao syndrome I - VI is to be released by gravid hands early 2011. exact date tbc but a january date is likely.

gravid hands are in the process of booking tours to support and celebrate the release. any interested parties should make contact: gravidhands[at]googlemail.com.

bilbao syndrome live at the vortex, london is now up on youtube. filmed by burnt toast on dec 15th 2008 it is now up for all to see. click here to watch the first part. wait. listen.

plummer is continuing to work on 'skeleton blush' and doing his utmost to make 'it work', hopefully some news to follow in the autumn. but first plummer's off to australia to marry his phosfluorescent darling. back in sept. have a wonderful summer/winter (hemisphere dependant) and news will follow on plummer's return.

05 2010

contemporary music ensemble jetsam have invited plummer to perform with them on may 27th at tara arts, earlsfield, london. they will be performing frederick rzewki's coming together. go to live appearances for more info.

plummer joined fringe magnetic on stage at the jazz arena cheltenham jazz festival for three tunes at the beginning of the month. much fun was had by all and was well received by press and public alike. guardian review here and the telegraph review here.

some exciting minghe morte and bilbao syndrome news to follow shortly!

03 2010

plummer is indeed very chuffed to announce that WORLD SANGUINE REPORT will be supporting acoustic ladyland at the borderline, london on march the 18th 2010. the borderline is a great venue. acoustic ladyland will be launching their new single and w.s.r's bassist dave kane will be turning a new year so there'll be much to celebrate. so come on down folks. this one's going to be a corker. click here for tickets.

02 2010

another great review in for world sanguine report's 'third one rises'. written by paul robertson for bad acid magazine -  a magazine that describes itself as for music "too heavy, wierd, freaked out or brutal to make mainstream press". the monthly magaine comes with a cd and dvd and plummer very much approves. click here to read.

feb saw plummer compere the second annual LOOP festival at the vortex - which saw the LOOP collective take over dalston's vortex club presenting 19 sets of music across 5 nights - a feast to behold!

the saturday night saw fringe magnetic take to the stage, launching their recently released album 'empty spaces' (featuring plummer on a couple of tracks) with plummer joining them for their last tune 'ish'. the night was recorded by bbc radio 3 for broadcast on  jazz on 3 at 23.15 on march 22nd .

01 2010

(happy new year one and all!) 2010 news so far:

plummer is currently penning/editing words for a mini-fringe magnetic recording. plummer will be recording on three new tunes composed by the brilliant bandleader and trumpeter: rory simmons.  news of which to follow.

a couple of dates have come in too: a date for bilbao syndrome and a couple of guest vocal performances with fringe magnetic at the loop festival and cheltenham jazz festival.

world sanguine report's arnolfini performance in dec 09 was given a great review in the magazine the venue. please go to press quotes to read.

well ladies and gentlemen it's time to wind down 2009 and start to look forward to the new decade!

2009 has been quite incredible for mr plummer. working with bourne and seaming on songs from a lost piano was inspiring, eye-opening and brilliant. plummer was featured in jazzwise 'taking off'. world sanguine report went from strength to strength and the debut album 'third one rises' was released in july, to much critical acclaim. plummer's 'diamond suicide' and 'lady chanson lane' were given a new lease of life - remixed and mastered and put up here to download for free. the recording and producing of normal gimbel's new album has been wonderful - they are incredible and write wonkily beautiful acapella music. and let us not forget plummer guesting on two other albums this released or recorded this year: egg3's butcher red and fringe magnetic's empty spaces., with whom he appeared at ronnie scott's (another plummer first); then came the tour, which quite honestly was the most exciting thing plummer has experienced.

the highlights being opening the tour at the london jazz festival to a nearly sold out audience in the purcell room (a venue that plummer has always wanted to play); newcastle and playing a two-set gig, a wsr first but oh my did it work; and then the final gig at the incredible arnolfini, where due to the dreadful weather conditions only five members of wsr made the gig  - so a new thing was tried - bourne on synth bass and rhodes covering all bases - new areas explored, wsr rising to the occasion and performing a violent and beautiful set  (a review is suspected, news to follow); and oh yes, allsopp and wsr's discovery of the r. standard, wsr will never be the same again!

all that's left to say is - many thanks to (in no particular order) tommy g for his support, drive and love, wsr for the dream and manifest, gravid hands, chris odgers, seaming to, serious, jazz services, the venues who took a risk on us, mark sayer for wsr photographs (to follow shortly) and to all you folk who have come and supported plummer over the past twelve months.

some exciting guest appearances will follow in 2010, as will the development and recording of plummer's new wsr multi-discipline project preliminarily entitled 'skeleton blush'.

merry christmas one and all. see you in the new year.

12 2009

WORLD SANGUINE REPORT's uk tour has been going swimmingly well - explorative and nightmarish, a beautiful violence. many thanks to folks who made it down to the newcastle, manchester and leeds gigs in november and to our birmingham gig at the beginning of the month.

the next date for the tour is at the arnolfini BRISTOL (18th dec). come on down and celebrate christmas and the last show of wsr's uk tour.

plummer has been recording and producing NORMAL GIMBEL's (vocal duo featuring alice grant and ruth goller) new album. it's a thing of beautiful beauty beauty. news of which to follow.

a couple of more 'third one rises' reviews have come in over the past month or so. go to press quotes / world sanguine report to read in full.

11 2009

WORLD SANGUINE REPORT's tour has now started. sharing a double bill with trio vd, wsr played to a packed audience at the southbank centre's purcell room on the first weekend of london jazz festival. much fun was had by all. indeed plummer can't remember a more potent and powerful wsr performance. thank you to everyone who came down.

the uk tour ahead: this month wsr will be playing NEWCASTLE (24th nov) MANCHESTER (25th nov) LEEDS (26th nov). wsr look forward to seeing you there!

plummer will be sitting in on one tune with rory simmons' fringe magnetic on monday 23rd nov at london's ronnie scotts club. what a month....what a month.

10 2009 

world sanguine report's 'third one rises' receives an excellent review in rock-a-rolla (issue 22) magazine. written by euan andrews, please go to press quotes to read in full.

three new photos added to the pictures section - medium format black and white by alex bonney.

world sanguine report's third one rises tour 09 artwork is now up on this site. go to pictures to view. illustration by james allsopp, layout and design by plummer.

09 2009

in support of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘third one rises’ world sanguine report will tour nationally this autumn/winter. with kind support from jazz services ltd, and arts council england, third one rises uk tour 09 will be:

14 November LONDON   
London Jazz Festival in association with BBC Radio 3

24 November NEWCASTLE

25 November MANCHESTER   

26 November LEEDS*

03 December BIRMINGHAM

18 December BRISTOL

click here for an electronic press pack including tour images, biogs and supporting information.

plummer's first couple of albums have been remixed, assisted by alex bonney, and are now up and available for FREE download. please go to music section.

07 2009

"third one rises twists the noble craft of songwriting into a dystopian mindfuck" (philip clark, the wire 09) is out now. available from mon 13th july 09 through all good music retailers and straight from distributor cargo records. go get yourself a copy and see what it's all about.

more reviews in. please see press/world sanguine report section.

06 2009

fri sep 18 will see world sanguine report and the mesmerising mayming share the stage at london's vortex jazz club. w.s.r's chris sharkey will not be making this show, so trokya's chris montague will be stepping up for this evening. it promises to be night of wonderful, intimate and powerful music.

an autumn tour of the uk to celebrate and launch 'third one rises' has been booked for w.s.r. news of which will follow over the coming weeks. a couple more great reviews have come in, please see press quotes/world sanguine report section.

w.s.r. are eagerly awaiting the launch of their debut: third one rises on mon 13th july. released on gravid hands and distributed by cargo records. you can pre-order and purchase in all good music outlets as well as amazon, itunes, norman records, cargo etc. 

 05 2009

sat may 16th will see plummer's WORLD SANGUINE REPORT: 'third one rises' album release gig at cafe oto, dalston, london. not only will WSR be playing the majority of 'third one rises' but a couple of new compositions too. the incredible vocalist: seaming to will be joining wsr for 3-4 pieces. support will be from: i) guns or knives yelping out shattered songs with intricate but ragged guitar, mandolin and harmonica abuse; and one of plummer's favourite bands around: ii) mucky sailor. come be present and celebrate.

plummer has been in the studio recording as guest vocalist on rory simmons' fringe magnetic new album. simmons is indeed a fine composer and trumpeter and his ensemble are a thing of beauty, exploration and power. plummer set bukowski's unblinking grief to a simmons original. the album is currently being mixed by alex bonney and will be made available later this year.

04 2009

april's jazzwise sees a finely written 'taking off' feature on plummer and in the same edition a 'third one rises' album review, both by daniel spicer. many thanks to spicer and jazzwise for the support and kind words. see press quotes for extracts.

the line up for 'third one rises' launch show has now been confirmed. it will see world sanguine report featuring special guest: seaming to (vocalist) to headline, with mucky sailor and guns or knives in support. plummer has decided to arrange a couple of songs from 'songs from a lost piano' tour, for world sanguine report, which will get their wsr debut at this launch show. may 16 2009 cafe oto. click here for more info.

in march the 'songs from a lost piano' tour went well and received some good press. working with matt bourne and seaming to was inspiring - such wonderful musicians and friends. many thanks to all involved for making it so special.

02 2009

plummer is pleased to announce that his third album, world sanguine report's debut: 'third one rises' is to be released may 18 2009 on gravid hands. gravid hands are a newly formed independent label with some incredible releases lined up for 2009 from bands including leverton fox, paranoid critical revolution, exploits of elaine, defibrillators and rocketnumbernine.

chris odgers from sawhorse publishing
has made a series of five original prints for 'third one rises' cd artwork and they are truly incredible. plummer is honoured to be involved with such forward thinking artists.

the launch show for 'third one rises' will take place at cafe oto may 16 2009 with the mighty mucky sailor and the most excellent duke garwood in support. plummer is in the process of booking a uk tour for nov/dec 2009. any interested parties should make contact via the contact page. whilst gravid hands website is under construction for information regarding this exciting new venture, click here.

plummer has been busy up in leeds rehearsing and writing new material with matthew bourne for the forthcoming sound and music funded tour: songs from a lost piano. this tour will see newly commissioned material performed by matthew bourne, seaming to and andrew plummer. for more information click here.

all this exciting new activity has slightly delayed the re mixing of diamond suicide and lady chanson lane. these two albums are now expected to be ready end of march / beginning of april. watch this space people.

new dates have been put in for bilbao syndrome. check live appearances for info.

new words for new material, some used in songs from a lost piano project, are now up in the words section.

01 2009

happy new year et al to one and all. here's to 2009.

plummer is currently re mixing his first two albums 'lady chanson lane' and 'diamond suicide'. these albums will not be available until early february once the mixing is complete and mastered. bringing these albums back to life, plummer will make these available via high quality digital download and CD-R. for those who would still like to listen to a selection of the original mixes click here.

digital montage by plummer now available. see pictures.

more gigs just in with minghe morte and bilbao syndrome. see live appearances for info.

plummer has been in discussion with a hip new record label, a release of 'third one rises' is within inches of securing. news of which to follow very shortly.

the most excellent trumpeter, producer and all round good egg: alex bonney, has been taking photograph portraits of plummer. please see pictures for pictures (surprisingly).

12 2008

some world sanguine report performances have been booked in for march 2009, playing alongside the excellent parisien band: woland athletic club. due to prior arrangements chris sharkey unfortuately will not be joining wsr for these dates, however the mighty chris montague will be stepping up - much fun and musical adventures to be had.

decembers vortex gig with world sanguine report and bilbao syndrome was a big success, with some delightfully frightful and beautiful sounds and narratives put out there on the ether, click here for review.

2008 has been wonderful, with many performances, recording and the founding of new friendships and musical partnerships. may it continue throughout 2009 and beyond.

11 2008

plummer was noted as 'one to watch in 2009' in december's jazzwise by both daniel spicer and selwyn harris. other bands plummer's in: minghe morte and bilbao syndrome were also noted by mike flynn.

everything is warming up for the advent extravaganza
- plummer with his world sanguine report and bilbao syndrome at the vortex on december 15th. come down people. it's going to be one hell of a show. email guestlist[at]andrewplummer.co.uk giving your full name and email address, to get in for £5.

plummer has recently recorded some vocals for egg3's debut album out early 2009, words written by the lovely and talented ray kane. news of which to follow.

10 2008

the lima festival was an incredible and inspiring weekend of music. plummer performed with minghe morte and bilbao syndrome. photos etc to follow shortly. plummer's recent activity with minghe morte has lead to plummer becoming minghe morte's proud new member.

dear thanks to lima, friends and musical brothers of minghe morte and bilbao syndrome.

plummer's words for his minghe morte collaboration have been posted. see words section.

new dates for bilbao syndrome, minghe morte with plummer and a collaboration with matthew bourne have been put in. check gigs for details.

thanks to everyone who came down to the charlie wright's gig. world sanguine report had a blast. thanks also to natalie costa and olivia caussanel for the photographs taken, which will follow on this site shortly.

08 2008

(hustled for and got) - minghe morte, plummer's world sanguine report and bilbao syndrome will team up to share a bill of outstanding power and design; live at the renowned vortex jazz club, london in december 2008. see gig section for more details. 

the most excellent shank trio have been confirmed as support act for plummer's world sanguine report's appearance at charlie wright's international club sept 28th 2008. shank trio are a plummer favourite. come and listen forward. see gig page for more details.

firstly, big up the boys in world sanguine report. you are what dreams are made of. plummer's dream band. honoured.

thank you to everyone who came and took part in julys gigs and shenanigans. mucky sailor - plummer's tag team stage brothers; billy jenkins - incredibly lovely man and outrageously inspiring musician and composer; animate:space - twisted dreams and frightening manifest.

click here for photographs of world sanguine report live in july. taken by ray kane and olivia causannel. many thanks indeed.

 07 2008

july 24th plummer's world sanguine report live in london. sharing a bill with mucky sailor, billy jenkins and animate:space. the master billy jenkins will also be sitting in with world sanguine report for the finale. come down and be counted. it is truly a first. click here for more info.

july 19th plummer's world sanguine report live in leeds. sharing a bill with mucky sailor and chops . it's gonna be a good one. it's in the leaves. click here for more info.

in march 2008 naked with horses and plummer recorded the music composed for daydream nation's production: good night deer. recorded by alex bonney, produced by bonney and plummer. the result is now here to be heard, capturing the vibe of february's magical ica performances. click here to preview and download for free.

bilbao syndrome have been in an incredible mix studio with the wonderful engineer: ben hammond. the mixes for bilbao syndrome's first ep/mini-album are now complete. jesus fucking christ. we can't wait for this to be available to the world. mastering will follow. news of how to obtain this delightful treat will be announced in the coming months. listen forward.

05 2008

may saw bilbao syndrome go into the studio (host studio, leeds) to record their first VI track ep. news of which will follow in due course. with barclay at the controls the recording was a dream. next mix then mastering.

the bilbao syndrome gig at chinchilla fest went swimmingly well. plummer is indeed proud to be part of such a powerful outfit. for those who missed the gig click here to view. 

exciting new dates have been recently announced including apperances with bilbao syndrome and plummer's own world sanguine report. please see gigs page for futher information. 

03 2008

plummer has been asked to join band: bilbao syndrome. heavy as lead. the most beautiful and brutal of beautiful brutes. bilbao syndrome are: chris bussey, mort butane, chris sharkey, colin sutton, christophe de bézenac, rob mitchell, simon kaylor, richard ormrod, tony burkhill, tom lumley and of course dr. m.c. mic lover.

bilbao will be playing as part of chinchilla festival brudenell social club leeds on the 18th of may. click here for tickets and more information. bilbao syndrome will also be in the studio at the end of may. check back later for the newest of news.

daydream nation' s production: good night deer performed at the ica went swimmingly well. like minded people met and performed together and as a consequence further collaborations will happen at a later date. check back for details.

for those who missed the shows click here to watch.

 01 2008

plummer has been asked to guest as vocalist alongside band: naked with horses during london fashion week at the ICA, london. naked with horses have been busy collaborating with daydream nation in the production of ddn's autumn/winter ’08 collection show: good night deer.

"brother-sister design duo kay and jing are back with daydream nation and their new autumn/winter 08 collection, where fashion theatre and storytelling combine to create an enchanting evening. good night deer is a foreboding tale of revenge bursting with haunting visuals. imagine tim burton directing kafka’s metamorphosis in a forest on stage! a hunter wakes from a kill one day and finds himself transformed into the deer he killed... who’s the hunter and who’s the prey if you are your own curse? uk premiere. running time 30 mins approx."

thursday 14th february 2008. 18:30 & 20:00. 

£7 / £6 concessions / £5 ICA members  

07 2007

a warm welcome to the new site. please browse and dig in. be sure to check back soon for new news, words, music and pictures.

06 2007

‘third one rises’ is the newly recorded album composed and produced by andrew plummer. following kabukikore releases: ‘lady chanson lane’ (kkcd43 2003) and ‘diamond suicide (kkse09 2005), plummer set out to compose music specifically for his new ensemble, featuring hip and heavy stars of the uk jazz and new music scene -  “world sanguine report form a frightening and formidable ensemble; strength and beauty, heavy as lead”.

drawing on influences such as composers: kagel, nancarrow, scelsi and messiaen; as well as beefheart, ribot and cash – ‘third one rises’ explores tonality, musical time and form -– reinterpreting musical genre through juxtaposition of compositional techniques, cut throat improvisations and song.

recorded and mixed at studios based in london and leeds, then mastered by peter beckmann -  the result is a violent, beautiful journey through the under growth of gauzlin web stuck stick. third one rises turns home returning lost home lost.

© 2007 andrew plummer
s s s