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herone vale
I’m thrown through the windscreen and forced back through the coalmine
Just gazing at these deep fields
I run back to my hutch
I burrow up inside you and look out of your eyes
I take more comfort from your love in this awakened surprise.

We stumbled on the rocks and tripped into the pool
Don’t you know I never want to go alone?
And do you remember the long journeys we swam
It’s hard to move when we don’t share breath isn’t it my love.

Caught by the off chance I’m left naked to the wind
Split by the moment I’m cracked for the bees to come in
And I’m drenched for a reason
I’m draped, lashed and I’m worn and warm
I wish I could of stayed here in Herone Vale.

These sanctimonious black beans console my hunger
But I hunger for you
There isn’t a prettier view than up here
I’m wishing I never left but God knows I couldn’t stay
I’m dreaming tonight of Herone Vale
So I’ll tip the bar man some then let my scarf blow
I’m more tired than I can ever remember
I turn and blow a kiss
She remember me and my buckle
I’m walking tonight back to Herone Vale.
© 2007 andrew plummer
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