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boy got nerve
Boy got nerve
The boy’s got bones
The boy’s got nothing that the boy wants, boy needs a home.
Posts of sun burnt trees modulates passage and speed
A balanced diet of dreams, reel and photon streams.

Boy got shoes
The boy’s been used
Got cut up and got shut down, fusel abuse
And it’s arms from his sleeves and blood to the weeds
A feathered skull, a ghost’s beak role
Strip one skookum spectre seed.

With the tape run and ringing back and forth
Memory and fist feel the same
It’s the extension of Mother Nature’s game
So boy play again.

Boy got skills
Boy needs pills
Phantom limbs of the Strawman, boy lost will
Does a lung know it breathes? Do I eyes know they see
And cry and cry and cry and cry?

With the tape running ringing back and forth
Fist and memory look the same
It’s the extension of Mother Nature’s game so
Boy play it again.

Run and bring again.
Pretend nothings the same.
Run and sing again.
© 2007 andrew plummer
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