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andrew plummer
"maverick-about-town singer andrew plummer has the wit and edge to make a big impact on the jazz scene. identikit crooner he's not...think david lynch getting drunk with hieronymus bosch in the bar of the hotel from the shining. with nightmarish lyrics plumbing the darker depths of the psyches and evocative song names, it is clear that plummer has a writer's way with words." ('taking off' article dan spicer, jazzwise apr 2009)

"plummer's remarkable baritone voice: by turns rough and growling, oleaginous and oozing, deranged and threatening." (third one rises album review dan spicer, jazzwise apr 2009)

"control, range and virtuosity... plummer’s deep bass an edgy mix of wagnerian menace and tom waits husk... menacing lyrics and hammy theatrics... the irony of dadaism with the anger of improv, with a hint of weimar republic decadence." (songs from a lost piano live review mike hobart, financial times mar 2009)

"a raggedly brilliant singer." (time out preview feb 2009)

"you know that guy that you fear in the pub? the one that'll drink your booze, punch your face and steal your girl? andrew plummer makes a deep, dark jazz infused blues underpinned with a beating (or should that be beaten and bloody) heart of punk. simply magnificent." (drinkmilk may 2007)

"andrew plummer is quite clearly a deranged swamp beast trapped inside the body of an englishman. he takes the junkyard approach of tom waits and the absurdities of captain beefheart to a whole new abstract plateau of chaotic cacophony." (wrath records may 2007)

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